The Embodiment of Nightmares in a Picture and In Poem (1806)

Part of The Poem about Nightmares

...Whose daring tints, with Shakespeare's Happiest Grace
Gave to the airy phantom form and place
Back o'er her pillow sinks her blushing head
Her snow-white limbs hang helpless from the bed
While with quick signs, and suffocative breath
Her interrupted heart-pulse swims in death
Then shrieks of captured towns and widows' tears
Pale lovers stretch'd upon their blood stain'd biers[coffins]
The headlong precipice[Cliff] that thwarts her flight
The trackless desert, the cold starless night
And stern-eye'd Murderer with his knife behind
In dread succession agonize her mind
O'er her fair limbs convulse tremors fleet
Start in her hands, and struggle in her feet
In vain to scream with quivering lips she tries
And strains in palsy'd lids her tremulous eyes
In vain she wills to run, fly, swim, weep, creep
The will presides not in the bower of sleep.
On her fair bosom sits the Demon-Ape
Erect, and balances his bloated share
Rolls in their marble orbs his Gorgon eyes
And Drinks with leathern ears her tender cries...

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This poem and accompanying image is from a 1806 poetry book. Pg 126. More information at the British Library. No known copyright restrictions for this book.

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