Lionel The Lion Faced Boy – Famous Sideshow Performer

Stephan Bibrowski (1890–1932), better known as Lionel the Lion-faced Man, was a famous sideshow performer. His whole body was covered with long hair that gave him the appearance of a lion; this was likely due to a rare condition called hypertrichosis.

Lionel The Lion Faced Boy (1907)
Image source. No known copyright restrictions.

Bibrowski was born with one-inch hair covering his body. When his mother was pregnant with Bibrowski she witnessed his father being mauled by a lion. She blamed the condition on this. She considered Stephan an abomination. What a bitch! She gave him up to a German impresario named Sedlmayer when he was only four years old! Sedlmayer gave him his stage name and started exhibiting him around Europe.

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Danse Macabre Music Pieces

The concept is that no matter one’s station in life, the Dance Macabre unities all. The personification of death shall dance with the departed on the deceased’s way to the grave.

This is the music Death will dance too.

Dance of the Dead (1838) by Franz Liszt

Also called ‘Totentanz’. This is a symphonic piece based on the melody ‘Dies Irae'(Below).

Source. This is a recording of ‘Dance of the Dead’ by Neal O’Doan . Under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Dies Irae (13th Century) by Thomas of Celano or Malabranca Orsini

Audio source. No known copyright restrictions.

For full lyrics, check out the Dies Irae’s Wikipedia page.

The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus circa 303

Saint Erasmus of Formia, also known as Saint Elmo. He is the Patron saint of abdominal pain(and Sailors). Ironically he died by having his intestines pulled out.

The Story of Erasmus, as Told by Theresa

  • Erasmus fled and hid from persecution for seven years. The Emperors of his time hated Christians.
  • An angel was like “Go back to that city that hates you, I totally got your back.”
  • He went to the city. His back was not got.
  • He was tortured. After which the angel was like “My bad”, and helped him escape imprisonment.
  • Erasmus had a son and baptized a whole bunch of babies.
  • He was caught again and was put in a barrel full of spikes – then rolled down a hill.
  • The Angel was like “My bad again, looked away for like one second.”, and healed Erasmus. This only angered the Emperors more.
  • He was tortured more, healed more, escaped again, and got caught again.
  • It ended when he had his stomach slit open and had his intestines wound around a pulley. The Angel was afk at the time, so he couldn’t cast a healing spell.
The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus (1610) by Orazio Borgianni
1610 By Orazio Borgianni
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Necrology – What does it mean?

My curious mind wanted to know the meaning and background of this seemingly disturbing word. Here is what I found out.

This crappy image is what lead me to the word ‘Necrology’.


This image was extracted from a scanned copy of “The Granite Monthly: a Magazine of Literature, history, and state progress“(1899). The book and image are in the public domain.

In the part of the book labeled “Necrology”, I found what seemed to be short biographies of normal people. “Of Course!,” I thought, “Necrology equals Obituary.”

Wiktionary confirmed this, but it also gave an additional meaning to the word Necrology.

Necrology: The Study of death or the dead.

After lots of research – I could find no more information on this branch of study. There are ways to study the dead in many other branches of science or in the occult. For example: Medically you can study how a person becomes clinically brain dead.

So, there is a opening, nah – a demand, for someone to become an expert in Necrology. This person would research to define and explore death. It is mind blowing that it is not already something in which our civilization has invested in. After all, Death is the biggest mystery – and humans are very curious.

In conclusion, Necrology is a creepy old fashion way of saying Obituaries. But maybe one day, it will be more then that.

Please email, if you have any more information on this topic.

Information source Wiktionary – The Free Dictionary, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Evil Udugs – Monster Guide

Udugs can be good or evil. The Evil Udugs are a type of demon. This article will be a guide on how to combat an Evil Udug, aka a demon from Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology.

General Information

There isn’t much back story on Udugs, only that they exists for as long as time. Udugs go by a few names, ‘Utukku’, ‘U-dug’, and most ironically ‘The Nameless’.

Physical Attributes

In some cases an Evil Udug can adapt to the victim’s fears, forming into what they are most afraid of. However, these rascal demons are more likely to be seen in their original form.The original form of an Evil Udug, can be described as follows: Tall Dark Shadow with long bile dripping claws.

Their existence is so dark that they can absorb light surrounding it, like a black hole. You will never see them directly on until they attack with their arms and claws.


The general presence of an Evil Udug can cause disease, mental illness,and fill large groups of people with anger and tears. It has a super loud battle cry, so it can deafen people. Those bile dripping claws mentioned earlier, they poison everything they touch.

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Ding Dong Bell – Disturbing Lullaby

“Ding Dong bell! Pussy’s in the well! Who put her in?”

Ding Dong Bell - Disturbing Lullaby
"Ding dong bell!
Pussy's in the well!
Who put her in?
Little Tommy Lin.
Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Stout.
What a naughty boy was that, to
drown poor pussy, who
never did any harm, but
killed all the mice in
father's barn."

Source: “Triplets: Comprising, The Baby’s opera, The Baby’s Bouquet, and The Baby’s Own Aesop”, a 1899 book by Walter Crane/Lucy Crane/Evans Edmun. No known copyright restrictions on this book.

Medusa – Monster Guide

by Caravaggio

Medusa is a female Gorgon(a type of monster), able to turn people into stone by simply being looked upon. Here are some tips in case you run into her!

Origin Story

Greek mythology. Medusa was a beautiful women, raped by Poseidon. Poseidon’s lady, Athena, was jealous, so she turned Medusa into a hideous dangerous monster.

Then, Medusa lived out her days on the island Sarpedon; she was also known to wonder Libya. After her transformation Medusa was still mortal. Therefore Perseus was able to behead her.

By Arnold Bocklin.
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