Annelid Worms (1904) By Ernst Haeckel

Imagine floating in the ocean, basking in the warm sun – no care in the world. Then you feel a tickle. A crawling dragging sensation across your leg. Subtle but sudden. Your fear and panicked movements make it more vivid.

The beach that before seemed so close, now extends further – too far.

Annelid Worms (1904) By Ernst Haeckel

Fortunately, these guys cause no physical harm! They are Polychaetes, also called bristle worms, or Annelid Worms. Marine wigglers!

Image source. No known copyright restrictions. The source also has the species names for each.

Buff Bat & More (1778)

Odd images from the 1778 book “Die Sa╠ługthiere in Abbildungen nach der Natur”(German), “The Mammals in Pictures after the Nature”(English).

Buff Bat & More (1778)
Buff Bat
More Cheap TP

The artist name couldn’t be found. However, there are three people in the ‘By’ section. Johann Christian Daniel, Georg August Goldfuss, and Andreas Johann Wagner.

Book sourceBiodiversity Heritage Library. Used Plates 1-80, Plates 81-165. Copyright Status: Public domain. The BHL considers that this work is no longer under copyright protection.